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Children's Health

Raising vibrant, healthy children and teens

We all want our children to grow and develop to be the best versions of themselves possible. I believe providing a solid nutritional base and teaching healthy eating habits at a young age helps provide the necessary foundation.
It's not uncommon for children to be sick more often than adults, especially those in environments such as daycare and early primary school. However it's not normal, nor true for them to be constantly sick, barely recovering from one illness to the next, or getting caught on the antibiotic merry-go-round.

Addressing illness and imbalances early, and in the younger formative years, may help prevent the downward spiral of poor health and prevent chronic disease in adulthood.
Why choose me?
The nutritional needs of our children and teens is vastly different to those of us adults and it also varies considerably between age groups as they grow. Think about it- detoxification pathways are still developing, organs maturing and bones hardening. Seeking help from someone who understands and caters for these unique differences is a vital step towards better health for your child.

I get it- juggling the busyness of work, life, school, kids sports and more is tough- I live the same reality. I believe the journey to better health can be a fun and enjoyable one and my mission is to make the process practical, and family-friendly.

Are you ready to optimise your child's health?

  • Allergies and asthma

  • colic, constipation, diarrhea

  • cradle cap and skin conditions such as eczema

  • behavioral issues,

  • lowered immunity and recurrent infections (such as colds, ear infections and tonsillitis).

  • abdominal pain, wind and bloating

  • sleep problems

  • growing pains

  • obesity

  • anxiety and fatigue

  • infectious skin conditions such as ring worm, school sores and viral warts

Additionally teenagers often struggle with:

  • acne

  • period problems and hormonal imbalances

  • erratic moods

  • weight gain

  • stress

Common childhood conditions I work with:
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