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Make ahead breakfasts- for busy mornings

Breakfast can be a challenging meal for many of my clients. there's lunches to pack, kids to get ready, pets to feed, homework and lost shoes to find and making sure everyone gets out the door at a set time to beat the traffic and get to their destination in time. Fitting in a quality breakfast can seem impossible.

So here are a few of my favourite tips and ideas to help make your mornings a little easier.

Prep Ahead

Batch cooking is one way to speed up your mornings. Think of things that can be made in bulk and simply served cold or reheated as required, even frozen and thawed another day. Frittata, wholesome corn or mixed vegetable fritters, breakfast patties (like a rissole), cooked good quality sausages can all be made ahead. Serve alone or with a little avocado, chopped tomatoes or fruit or whatever tickles your fancy.

Boil a 1/2 to dozen eggs and keep them in the fridge ready to go. If the shell is in tact they will easily keep for several days. I reheat simply the amount needed for breakfast in a mug of boiled water from the kettle as I prep the lunchboxes and peel once warm.

Keep it simple

There's nothing wrong with leftovers, reheated for a nourishing meal with very little input. It's really only our mental state that defines breakfast as cereal, toast or eggs. I've been known to eat leftover osso bucco and curry for breakfast often!

Try Bircher Muesli

If you tolerate oats (and choose to eat grains) a bircher muesli can be keep mixed dry in the cupboard for months and portions mixed with the wet ingredients and ready to go in the fridge for several days. Chia pudding is in this category to for those that like them. Try my Micro-biome friendly Bircher


Smoothies can be made in bulk and frozen in small jars or reusable pouches (like the Sinchie bags). Made sure you include protein and fat and go easy on the sweeteners and fruit and they can be a nourishing quick option. You might like to try this option Passion fruit and Mango Smoothie

Breakfast Salads

To me this is all the flavour of breakfast in a fresh salad. Think little lardons of crispy bacon, boiled or poached eggs and avocado mixed in a bowl with spinach leaves, tomatoes, herbs or whatever tickles your fancy. You can precook the bacon in batches and simply reheat to save time and keep it simple (same with boiled eggs) or alternatively cook fresh to serve.

Stock up on Nourishing Quick Staples

You can purchase many of these or choose to make your own

- Paleo bread sliced and stored in the freezer for a quick toast option that's higher in protein, fat and nutrients.

- Tins of sardines in olive oil- on toast, in a breakfast salad or on the go with a squeeze of lemon

- Quality muesli (low in sugar, preferably activated and preservative free) to quickly add to some coconut yoghurt and fruit

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